Footballers hair styles have been trending over the last few years and with World Cup 2020 just around the corner, we cant wait to see what is next to come.

Footballers hair cuts are some of the best short, medium and long men’s hairstyles around so we have put together this list of footballers haircuts mentioning some of the biggest names in the world, including world superstars like Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham, Neymar, Lionel Messi, and Sergio Ramos, but we’ve included a variety of other cool footballers hair styles that go unappreciated.

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Between the stylish short cuts and the edgy long styles, here guys can find the hottest hair styling trends here since the last World Cup.

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Whether you want a quiff or a comb over, pompadour, mohawk, skin fade, undercut or a longer hairstyle, you’re going to love these popular footballers hair cuts and styles!

Check out the best footballers haircuts and hairstyles to go for in 2019, and see if any of these footballers have a great new hairstyle for you!  

David Villa + Medium Textured Scissor Cut + Natural Finish

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David Villa

Going for that modern, medium length natural/textured hair style but don’t want it taken down too short around the sides? This is one of David Villa Sánchez more contemporary styles demonstrating that the matte look is certainly fashionable. This Spanish international, who is currently playing up front for the Japanese club Vissel Kobe can now score and finish his hair in style. Villa is regarded by the pundits as one of the best forwards of his generation and one of the best Spanish strikers of all time.

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Oscar dos Santos Emboaba Júnior – Medium Length + Subtle Layers + Waves

Oscar - Footballers hair - product recommended Hairbond Texturiser Sea Salt Spray

Oscar, one of the highest paid footballers in the world, with thick wavy hair of which he wears rather naturally most of the time he’s on the pitch. He has been known on less occasions to slick back and control his grown out natural curls by using a hair pomade and holding it in place with a headband but more often than not he’s happy rocking those God given waves.

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Antoine Griezmann + High Bald Fade + Side Part

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Antoine Griezmann

Little Antoine Griezmann is one of the most precise goal scorers in the world. In addition to his scoring ability, his hairstyle is also usually on point. Although in 2016, we’ve seen him go for a more subdued crew cut, last season he was rocking a platinum blonde dyed do’ that wasn’t to be outdone.

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Sergio Agüero + High Skin Fade + Optional Bleach/Silver colour

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Sergio Aguero

With or without colour? Sergio’s cut is ultra modern and has been a very popular hair cut choice in 2019 but he clearly doesn’t take his hair colouring options too seriously either, the last time he came out of the tunnel with silver hair it was because his brother bet him that he wouldn’t dare do it. The hair colouring stunt got mixed reactions from the fans but we loved it! Gary Lineker claims he has been adding silver to his hair for years and takes all credit for it finally catching on..

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Paulo Dybala + High Taper Fade + Side Swept Fringe

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Paulo Dybala
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Dybala, Juventus’ young starlet, sports one of the neater haircuts in world football. With some stellar flow on top, Dybala rocks the sides completely shaven (half-mohawk running down the back of his head, optional.) One of the my favorite players in the world, Dybala also rocks one of the freshest hairstyles out there.

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Marco Reus + Angular Comb Over + Classic Tapered Sides

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Marco Reus

The talented midfielder from Dortmund, Marco Reus, has one of the most classic footballer hairstyles in the world. He’s got the swept-over-top and tight fade on the sides. I think he might even have some highlights on the top.

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Graziano Pellè + Awesome Mid Fade

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Graziano Pelle

Graziano Pellè’s hair is a work of art. I’m not sure how much wax he puts in before each match, to ensure that every hair is in its right place — but it has to be a lot. Pellè, one of the best goal scorers in the Premier League, is clearly focused on scoring off the pitch too.  

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Neymar + Lots Of Styles

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Neymar’s kind of interesting because he’s clearly going through a transitionary period with regard to his hair since 2016. When he’s in top hair form, he sports one of the most distinct and creative hairstyles in world football.

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic + Long Hair + Man Bun + Pony Tail

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic

When you’re a prolific goal scorer and a 2 meter tall strong man like Zlatan, you have the right to do whatever you want when it comes to hair styling. Man bun he wanted so man bun he got. The man bun trend fully took off in 2014 thanks to the hipster culture and the use of the man bun by American and British male celebrities like Jared Leto, Joaquin Phoenix, Harry Styles and Zayn Malik. When you’re scraping it all back though you want to make sure its clean and well conditioned. Hair oils, primers and masks are all welcomed to maintain those healthy locks.

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Stephan El Shaarawy+ Mohawk Fade

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Stephan El Shaarawy

“The Pharaoh,” as they call him, has been playing professional football since he was 16 years old. The Italian-born Egyptian is famous for both his skill as a player, as well as his eccentric hairstyle. I’m not sure how, exactly, he does it, but El Shaarawy gets his hair to stand up perfectly straight — à la Gerald from “Hey Arnold!” — for entire football matches, in spite of the elements.

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Lionel Messi + Textured Messy Hair + Tapered Sides

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Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi is another trendsetter worth following. Here, Messi wears a classy messy style with a taper haircut. With no styling product, the look is great on the field; but just add a small amount of a matte hair shaper and guys can style a comb over or quiff any time.

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Gerard Pique + Short Sides + Spiky Hair on Top

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Gerard Pique

Gerard Pique’s hair highlights a masculine look. His thick stubble beard offers a good amount of scruff, while his tapered haircut and short spiky hair on top provide sophistication and sex-appeal.  The comb over remains one of the hottest hairstyles in the world. The high taper fade on the sides keeps the focus on the longer hair on top. A matte hair wax or clay can help keep this handsome pompadour comb over in place all day.

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Yannick Ferreira Carrasco + Pompadour Fade

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Yannick Ferreira Carrasco

The 22-year-old Belgian has made his presence known, rocks a variety of flamboyant hairstyles, including man buns and super high fades. The pompadour fade offers a modern variation on a classic hairstyle. This pomp is coupled with a bald fade on the sides and full beard for a manly yet sexy style. Styling a modern pompadour will require a high-quality styling product and some practice, but this beautiful look is worth the patience.

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Cesc Fabregas + Medium Textured Scissor Cut + Natural Finish

Cesc Fabregas Hairbond Moulder
Cesc Fabregas

Transplant or not, Cesc Fabregas brings a tidy professional hair style to the table. After years on the pitch, Cesc sported every style from what appeared to be quite an unruly head of hair. He’s had it shoulder length with a headband, short and spiky, 90’s wet look to dry and curly, you name it; he’s tried it, but we think he has landed on his feet with this modest, down key professional matte style.

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Oliver Giroud + High Taper Fade + Part + Pomp Comb Over

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Oliver Giroud

“Boy Band” Giroud is a World Cup Winner has had a great career in England with Arsenal and Chelsea. Aside from being a key part of their attack, Giroud also flaunts a world class haircut.  

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Cristiano Ronaldo + Hard Part Comb Over Fade

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Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo’s hairstyles are always on point. Here, the footballer’s hair is cut with a high skin fade on the sides and parted. The hard part comb over is styled with a strong hair wax for a clean finish, and the hairline is fresh with a sweet shape up. Ronaldo is the reigning back-to-back winner of’s “Salon D’or” — or the “best haircut of the year” award in football.

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